Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Supreme Court is impotent, on Same Sex Marriage!

The Supreme Court’s recent decision to not hear any of the Same Sex Marriage cases pending before them, proves that this court is incapable of deciding law at the highest level of the Judicial. Rather than make a definitive ruling that would decide the matter of whether states can ban same sex marriages or not; they choose to avoid the issue knowing that their in-action would result in quasi-approval of same sex marriages; in those states who were weak enough to buckle under to the Gay Agenda.
I guess all those references to “God” in the formation of our government and the founding documents of the United States, was not making reference to “The Almighty God” of the Bible! The God of the Bible that they swear upon in every installation of government officials. They could not have been making reference to the “God of Creation;” that gave mankind specific moral laws to live by. No!....They could not have been talking about this same God that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for their evil and immoral behavior! The same evil and immoral behavior that is blatantly practiced today by those who desire to live in same sex marriages.
If the State Judicial Court and the Supreme Court were thinking of the God of the Bible; the One stated in our Pledge of Allegiance as “ONE NATION UNDER GOD”; then both courts would have ruled according to the precepts of this Holy, Righteous and Moral God! They have instead ruled according to the desires of their God and ruler of this world, The Devil! It is his expressed desire to make sin, corruption and deviant behavior the “norm” in society. The news media is reporting that this decision represents a “Societal Shift” in its view and acceptance of same sex marriage! Or as Christians recognize it; the seduction of society by the LGBT propaganda and agenda, to make their deviant practices appear as NORMAL!
The LGBT has successfully infiltrated American society on every level! They have convinced the American people, (and too many Christians) that their unnatural “same sex marriages” and homosexual practices are “normal” and should be accepted!  How did they do this right under the nose of supposedly “good Christian Americans?”  By making themselves “a Cause” and projecting themselves as “Victims” of horrible discrimination! So, their agenda to corrupt society with open, blatant, promiscuous, homosexuality becomes a matter of “Equal Rights!” Their very public battle cry is, “We are two loving people who love one another, and want the same rights that heterosexual couples have!” Now we have some weak knee, un-Godly preachers siding with them and performing same sex marriages!
It seems the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community has forgotten basic biology! It is a biological truth that Bill and Tom cannot produce a child; no matter how much they love one another. They cannot produce the egg required! They can only produce sperm! Men are not designed to give childbirth! Mary and Sally cannot produce a child regardless to how loving a couple they are! They cannot produce the sperm required! They can only produce eggs! Women are designed to give childbirth! To produce another human being you must have a male sperm and a female egg! Nothing else will work! Those who believe in same sex unions get around this biological truth and produce children by surrogacy and adoption. The term “same sex” is another oxymoron, because people in these unions identify as and roll play as “male and female” counterparts. They try to imitate heterosexual couples! The enemy loves it when you have identity confusion; it leads you straight to sinful lifestyles and the road to hell! We are living in a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah!  And you know what happened to those cities!!

Your brother, In His Service

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