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Now that I have your attention! Have you noticed how bold and risqué photo post have become on Facebook and Instagram lately? It is disheartening to witness our young women cheapen themselves by posting sexually suggestive photos of themselves on Face Book and Instagram, in an effort to attract someone. Ladies, did it ever occur to you what you are seemingly advertising when you post selfies of your butt for the world to see? Except for those men who view your photos as objects of lust; anyone else would view you as a low class, slutty tramp. Is this the only way you can attract a man? Are you that desperate? And what type of man will you attract by putting your assets on display? Is your body all you have to offer a man? You do know that potential employers hire agencies to scour the internet for content concerning you? Nothing is hidden and everything is accessible! Do you think your future employers will consider hiring you or promoting you, when they see you scantily dressed, with your behind posed on Facebook and Instagram? Unfortunately, we seem to  have adopted fornication and adultery as a cultural norm in our society. Both of these immoral behaviors can lead to unwanted pregnancy, transmission of deadly diseases, and possibly the murder of a baby by abortion!

Young ladies and supposedly mature ladies…. you need to check yourselves and your behaviors! You are looking for love in all the wrong places; under all the wrong conditions and at the wrong times in your development. Young and old are confused about what love and relationship means. Too many of you are equating your physical desires and indulgences for love and relationship. On this basis you will only have temporary affairs and encounters with men who won’t commit to you alone. You have opened the door to your own heartache! To bring the right person into your life, you need to put God first in your life and allow Him to make you into the woman that a decent man would want. You must first become a person of good character and morality yourself; respecting yourself and others; carrying yourself with pride and dignity;  standing fast on your commitment to preserve yourself until marriage. 

Now, don’t tell me about a woman’s right to her body! That’s the Planned Parenthood motto and the major cause of abortion! Allow me to be politically correct for a moment! The name Planned Parenthood is an oxymoron! Under this guise, women and young girls can abort their babies after becoming pregnant, from willful acts of fornication and adultery! They can feel less guilt about it because “it’s your body and you don’t have to have a baby until you are ready.” Any fool knows if you engage unprotected sexual relations, you run the risk of pregnancy; regardless if you are ready or not! If you are not ready for the potential responsibility of parenthood, then don’t engage in this risky behavior. Women keep your legs closed and men keep it zipped up!

The enemy of God and righteousness, (in case you forgot, The Devil) desires you to commit sin and murder your babies! Throughout history the murder of innocent babies has plagued civilization. Thousands were murdered in Herod’s attempt to prevent Christ from being born. Pharaoh murdered thousands in his attempt to prevent Moses’s birth. Now, we are murdering millions of babies because they came as an “inconvenient result” of our sinful acts of fornication and adultery. God has a better plan for his people! Abstain, and preserve your “Gift” for your marriage! You know that one of God’s commandments is “You shall not kill.” Well, my friends… Abortion, regardless to who sanctions it; under whatever circumstances or at whatever stage of fetus developement…….is murder!  Don’t you understand that the instant a single male sperm penetrates a single female egg. . .Life has been initiated!  If you cannot understand this, then you need to take a refresher biology course. This is a biological TRUTH! But you say, “It’s my body and I have a right to do with it as I please!”

The first right a woman has to her body is not to give it away to every lying man that crosses her path! A woman has the right and moral obligation to preserve her “Gift” until she is in the lawful, protective relationship of marriage. Until she and her intendant husband stand before God and witnesses, and declare their love and fidelity to one another; they are just shacking up! Society may say that “it’s OK to live together! You need to test what you are getting and see if you like it before, you get married!” That’s what the enemy wants you to do! Be immoral, shack up and commit fornication and adultery; risk your reputation; risk unwanted pregnancy and disease; disrespecting God’s institution of marriage that creates, populates and protects the family. God says the bound of marriage is the only place for men and women “to exchange their Gifts”!
My sisters, you need to come out of them bars and night clubs trying to find a “good man”. Good men; decent men are not found in hanging out in bars, nightclubs and strip joints! They are not sitting on a bar stool trying to seduce,   drug and rape some woman. The only thing you have a potential of meeting in the bars and clubs, is a thug; a criminal; abusers; a rapist, a thief; low life’s, con men and men on the down low! You put your life in danger every time you leave out with some man or woman you just met and jump into bed with them! Some of you do worse than that! In your stupidity, you bring them to your home and go to bed! How do you face and answer your child when they ask you in the morning, “Mama, who’s that man in your bed?” It is a dangerous game and you cannot win! Do you want to know why Aids is so rampant in our communities? It is because of men and women’s promiscuous sexual behaviors! To address it by its proper names, it is because of Fornication and Adultery, Sin!

If you are a single woman with minor children, raise them yourself! Raise them by yourself! You can do this until God brings the “right” man into your life.  He will be a man that loves God and will love you and your children as his own! He will be a husband to you and a father to your children because Christ reigns in his life. Only God can put that kind of love into a man’s heart. You have to be patient and allow God to do it! Stop gambling with the lives of your children. The news media and police files are full of cases where stupid women have brought rapist,  pedophile’s and men “on the down low” home thinking they have met “someone special”. Men will tell you anything to get you in bed! He’s a smooth talker and has charmed you through your body and the lust of your desires. You think its love….. He knows it’s only sex!  Next thing you know, you are spending money on him and moving him into your home, over your children; thinking you are getting them a daddy. What are you going to do when you find him physically or sexually abusing your kids?

He’s not their father! You think you “know him”, when you just met him! You have put your children that you claim you love more than anything, in danger just so you can have a man in your bed. How stupid can you be? If you want a decent man, stop dressing like hookers and hoochie mama’s; twerking and shaking your behinds all over the place; thinking a decent man wants to see you looking and acting this way. Wear your clothing at respectable lengths. Stop showing everything you have to the world, by wearing clothes too short and too tight fitting. You even modify your behavior based on your attire. The shorter and tighter fitting your clothing, the more raunchy and ghetto you act, exposing your private parts.  The reason it’s called “private parts” is because they are supposed to be kept “Private”! Not on public display! That’s what too many of you are doing! You are putting it all out there “on display.” There is nothing left to the imagination because you are showing it all like a piece of meat in a display case. You force a man choose you based on his lust for the flesh and not for your virtues! What you are showing and saying by your actions is, “This is what you will get, if you choose me!”

Unfortunately, this attire and behavior has slowly crept into the Church! Some Christian women even come to church dressed totally inappropriately for the House of Prayer; talking about they are saved and sanctified! How they justify their appearance as a saved and sanctified woman, I don’t know. They want to carry their modesty in the form of a “lap scarf!” Common sense should tell you if you have to use a lap scarf, your dress is too short!  I do know a godly woman dresses appropriately with pride, modesty and self-respect for God’s House of Worship. Dressing like hookers and hoochie’s has no place in the worship of God. It is disgraceful! If your Pastor or Church Mothers have not told you this before, I am telling you now! Yes, you come to Christ as you are, with what you have; until you learn better and can do better! The more mature Christian women should have no problem pulling the younger, less mature ladies lovingly aside and teaching them what is appropriate dress for the house of God. The Godly woman is beautiful because of her Godliness and virtue adorns her like a crown! She is not beautiful because of worldly fashions and attire!  

How the shape of her body looks is for her husband only to know! It is not for every man that she passes. If some of these Pastors weren’t so weak and afraid of losing people from the church rolls, they would not permit their parishioners to come to church dressed totally inappropriate! They need to stop hiding behind the weak excuse, “We can’t tell women how to dress!” Yes, you can! If the Pastor of the Church sets and follows the standard of biblical decency, then the women of the church have no choice but to comply or move on! If they comply and adjust their dress accordingly, then you have church body that adheres to high moral standards. If they move on to a more liberal, worldly values accepting church, then “good riddance!” Work even harder teaching our young girls and women modesty and moral conduct that is pleasing to God and gives them the respect and admiration of godly men.

If your behavior puts you in any of these categories, now is a good time to turn back to God and repent! Your salvation and a changed life is only a sincere prayer away! The God we serve is an Awesome God! He is a forgiving, loving God! There is nothing you have done that He will not forgive because of the shed blood of Christ Jesus! Pray, confess and repent! He is the God of Second, Third, Fourth and unlimited chances! I pray that our Father will grant you the strength to turn your life around in the face of all this attraction to evil and sin. Call upon the name of Jesus, and be saved!
Your brother, In His Service

Min. Douglas

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