Tuesday, September 9, 2014


My People, “Stop following these Sooth-Sayers, Motivational Gurus and Tel-a-liar’s, So-called Prophets and Self Appointed Apostles!

These people are in reality the “False Teachers” the Bible warns you about! They have blinded well intentioned Christians with their philosophic, psycho-babel, mumbo-jumbo! You see their “feel good” messages daily in the post of Facebook and other Social Media sites. They try to make profound declarations out of their pseudo philosophy! Most of their quotes are mixed-up Bible truths with psycho-babble! Some of it is out right nonsense! I know some of you will be offended by my pronouncement, against some of these popular preachers of heretical doctrine. (Yes, I am talking about them people you listen to rather than read your Bible for yourself); but when you examine what they teach through the lens of God’s Word, falsehood and nonsense is exactly what you will find! A bunch of psychological junk! You would probably be more upset right now, if I start naming these perpetrators of falsehoods.  Some of you may be surprised, but I doubt it, because they are on national television, radio, internet and in bookstores as Best Selling Authors. But then I don’t have to tell you! You know who they are and you know what they are! In truth, they are detractors from the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; Cheshire cat, grinning deceivers and agents of the enemy of God! 
I know you say “They preach so well” And “They sound so right and they look so good and sincere!”

You have come under the spell of “personality worship!”  You are captivated by their appearance of affluence and attainment! It is the “prosperity gospel” where money and power is worshiped. And quite naturally you desire to have the same. You believe if you follow them, you will achieve the same success as they have! You follow these people religiously instead of following the True Savior, Jesus Christ! You give them praise and worship that only belongs to God! You practice the methods and recite the mantras of these mumbo-jumbo false teachers, instead of obeying the Word of God! Why do you do this? Because you find it easier than committing yourself to God and His plan for your life! You have found in them a church where you can pretend living righteously, while still living sinful! You don’t have to commit yourself totally to God! They will never demand that you live holy! Their only concern is the money you funnel into their pockets. You get a temporary emotional, adrenalin fix on their teachings and the motivational hype. You like this! You think the solution to all your problems lie achieving their false prosperity! But the permanent solutions and true joy of life is only found in the teachings of Jesus Christ! Their teachings won’t lead you to salvation and a relationship with God. Their teachings are all about “The Self” and how you can speak yourself to be “materially prosperous” now.

Why is all their teaching about achieving wealth, money and prosperity? You getting rich; having mansions, opulence and power over others? Why is living good now, the center of their message? They want you to forfeit eternal life in heaven for the temporal pleasures of Satan’s world! They want you to “plant a financial seed’ for a harvest you will never see! They are at the top of the pyramid scheme and you cannot get there! The prize for them is the loss of your soul! They pretend to love God and but they actually hate God and righteousness! The Bible’s teaching is about your soul’s salvation; the prosperity of your health and spirituality; your eternal destination and how to live your life free from the sinful influences of the enemy’s world. Yes! You can do this! But you cannot do it on your own! Those who follow Christ’s teachings have learned that we have no power of ourselves. The power to overcome the strongholds of sin in our lives comes only from the mercy and grace of God! It comes through His Son when we first believed and invited Jesus Christ into our lives. We are no longer estranged from God and we live victorious lives!   God’s Holy Spirit lives in us now! We are able to do all things “through Christ who strengthens” us! Pick up your Bible, the Word of God and find the joy of knowing God through the life and teachings of Jesus Christ!

Leave the slick talking, mystic, philosophical and motivational nonsense alone! It is occult superstition and demonic in its origins! Find a Bible Teaching Church that will help you to grow into the righteous person God intends you to be. Find a church where discipline and accountability is respected! Where people love the Lord and desire to live righteous lives.  Your real motivation lies within the scripture knowledge handed down to us in the Bible. You will be daily motivated, refreshed and empowered by the Word of God! You will find the God of Salvation who makes good on His Promises. Your commitment to Christ will make you a new person and enabled you to be successful in your undertakings! You will know faith; grow in truth and love for yourself and others as you apply God’s Word to your life.  Through the pages of the Bible, you will find encouragement, comfort and assurance in times of distress. While others are confused and unsure, you will have clarity and assurance of your eternal salvation. Gain control of your life by giving God control in your life! Come to know God for yourself! Come to Jesus Christ and Be Saved! Stop following the Sooth-Sayers, Motivational Gurus and Tel-a-liar’s! Be deceived no longer!
Your brother, In His Service 


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