Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I am just about sick of all you Obama haters and critics! You screamed loud and cried over the number of US soldiers killed in Iraq and said, “Obama, bring our troops home from Iraq!” He brought them home from Iraq! Now you crying, “Well he brought them home too soon! We should have stayed longer because now ISIS is taking the country.” Then you screamed loud and cried over the number of US soldiers killed in Afghanistan and said, “Obama, bring our troops home from Afghanistan!” He’s been reducing troop levels in Afghanistan and bringing them home! Now you say, “We need to send troops back to maintain a presence because if we leave, the Taliban will take over Afghanistan! Now, since ISIS is attempting to take over the entire middle east and you say, “The President is acting too slowly; he needs to bomb them and send in troops! They brutally murdered two journalist and “it is Obama’s fault” because he did not act as quick or the way you wanted him to!
You people want to fight a war where there’s no bloodshed and no one gets killed! We all want our soldiers to come home without injuries and alive! However, you need to get your heads out of the comic books and television fantasy world and see the reality of conflicts and war! People are killed in wars! Not just combatants, but innocent civilians. You need to stop your “arm chair quarterbacking” and criticizing strategies that you know nothing about! Everyone is upset and shocked of the barbaric actions of ISIS but no one wants to make an emotional decision and rush headlong into catastrophe!   The Commander In Chief has to think about the entire population of the US and how his responses will affect us now and in the future. Your public criticisms do nothing but aid the enemies of America. It shows division among our people and wanton disrespect for our elected leader!
We have an all-volunteer military! They volunteer to enlist and fight for America because they believe in America and in serving their country. They know full well they may be in harm’s way and are willing to take that risk so we at home can remain free. They are the bravest men and women! President Obama did not draft anyone or start these wars. He is still adjusting and cleaning up Bush’s failed policies! None of us know what all is involved and on the table at the White House! We can only guess and 9 out of 10, our guesses would be wrong! Let the people who do know, do their jobs without you “do nothing moaners and groaners” mouthing off in the press!
How do you fight an enemy hiding among the populace? The enemy looks like, talks like and dresses like the civilian populace! How do you fight him and not kill up the innocent people of the country? If you bomb them, you have civilian casualties. If you send in ground troops, the enemy hides their weapons and blends into population, appearing as ordinary families! Just like in Afghanistan, Palestine, Syria and Iraq, they don’t wear distinguishable uniforms! They wear the native clothing of their culture. So how do you know who to shoot? You don’t, until they are shooting at you!
You want to cry and moan and try to take our President to task over two journalist butchered by ISIS! We are sorry for your loss and do feel your pain! At the same time, we don’t hear you crying and moaning about the 1500 to 2500 innocent Christians who were murdered; or the innocent Muslims, who were murdered by their fellow Muslims ISIS! Why? Because they would not abandon Christ for Allah or were Muslims who are not of the ISIS sect! How can people cut off the heads of innocent Christian babies? How can they behead, impale and shoot men, women and children; in the name of a God? You want to put Obama out of the White House now! It won’t make any difference who is in the seat of the Oval Office. The enemy’s agenda will be the same and it will be carried out in the same manner! They don’t want to live in peaceful coexistence with Westerners. They want their brand of Islam to dominate the world with its archaic, barbaric Sharia Law.  Instead of criticizing, you need to be praying that God guides our President to make the best and correct decisions regarding the course of action! You need to be praying that God protects our troops wherever they are! And you really need to pray that ISIS does not get into the United States!

 Your brother, In His Service
Min. Douglas

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